Initially, I was skeptical. I knew what I should be eating and only had a few pounds to lose, so what could I possibly gain from this program?  A lot actually! It is astounding what you can accomplish when you have someone to guide you and hold you accountable.  Within the first few weeks, I begin to realize how misguided I was about nutrition. Jenn helped me see the importance of nutrition and the benefits of strength training (something I rarely incorporate). After a few weeks in the program, my eating habits and fitness approach has changed.

I am proud to say that even after an injury during this journey, I am down 3.5 lbs and 5 inches. In only 5 weeks, I have seen lots of changes (and ab muscles again) in my body!  Plus my husband told me I’m in the best shape he’s ever seen!  Thank you, Jenn 🙂